Martian Mechanic Powered Armor

A suit of powered armor used for many purposes, from atmospheric protection to combat functionality.

A look at the side of the suit, and the flag for Martian Mechanical Industries.

I am incredibly pleased with how the procedural worn metal texture turned out.

The suit was originally designed for protection on hazardous martian construction zones, but has since been used for combat as well.

A look at the weapon that the suited figure is holding, the Martian Full Metal Assault Rifle (MFMAR). The weapon, as the name states, is completely metal, to survive harsh environments and long times in between maintenance. The weapon is almost exclusively used by powered armor equipped individuals, because of its extreme weight.

Both the gun and the character have a full skeleton, and can be posed.

And as a bonus, the suit modified for use in a swamp, with a different flag!