Yet another humanoid cat. Look how creative I am!

This one’s name is Samuel. I wanted to make a humanoid sphinx cat because i hadn’t seen one yet and thought it would look interesting.

The entire model also has bones for posing.

His face.

This model was also my first attempt at making sleeves that are independent of the arms (shown here)

This was done in an impractical way before i figured out how to use bone constraints to make a bone of one armature (or skeleton) follow another.

I also wanted to give him some interesting prosthetic legs, shown below.

His right arm is also a prosthetic, and holds four powerful thrusters that allow him to punch at supersonic speeds!

The arm without the jets folded out…

…And his arm with the jets folded out!

He also has plates in his finger bones to make his punches more powerful.

In case his target is out of range of his fists, he also has an energy pistol stylized like a revolver.

As can be seen here, the gun also has bones for posing.

Sam’s gun open for reloading.