Spec Ops Cat

Yet another humanoid cat with unrealistic weapons. My creativity is staggering.

This is definitely one of my most (if not the most) complicated models at the time I am writing this. This thing took ages to make.

This model has a skeleton and uses the 3rd iteration of my humanoid template, witch has inverse kinematics.

The model with all of its bones showing.

This model was also my best attempt to date at making a procedural camoflauge.

The character has a grappling hook mounted to their center of gravity, witch connects to a pouch on the back holding the power source, motors, and cable drum.

The batteries were textured by me in GIMP.

The contents of the pouch with the pouch hidden.

The pouch can also be closed, but it looks way cooler open. (and i spent hours modeling the inside)

The grappling hook’s cable will extend as far as the hook goes, and the hooks can open.

The character also has to big knives sheathed on his arms.

The knife.