Dragon V2

I decided to remake the old dragon I modeled, because I made the old one almost a year ago at this point and i wanted to see how much better I could make one. This one is a vast improvement in my opinion.

This render of the model almost the exact same background and grass floor of the original. The only difference is the camera angle and the amount and size of the grass.

A link to the old one is below.

The new dragon model has a full skeleton that i designed from scratch with inverse kinematics, a feature that the old model did not have.

I also forgot how time consuming rigging fingers was.

A side view of the dragon. The eyes are closed because this is the default pose.

I tried to make this model have some kind of visible muscles, as can be seen above.

This is also one of two times i actually modeled teeth on a model instead of just stretching out a torus. I also opened the eyes in the picture above to show the texture.