Arvamond V2

A redesign of an older character I made. Many improvements were made.

The model has bones and can be posed. The coat and cape also have bones so that they can be posed in in organic and interesting ways.

A look at some of the textures can be seen below. All the textures used in this model were made by me.

A look at his sword.

A closer look at the skull design.

Here is his head. For his hair I used hair curves instead of hair particles, and I think the hair turned out pretty nice.

Here is his head without glasses.

Here is a look at the super cool feather cape that eats all my processing power and takes ages to render.

Because of the use of dampened track (and a whole lot more constraints) I was able to make the opened sleeves of his coat loosely follow his arms, as can be seen below.

And here is a demonstration of the dampened tracks on the rest of the mode.

Despite this model having so many improvements (visual and mechanical) over the old original Arvamond model, this one only has 35,016 vertices as apposed to the original, which has 53,196.