Powered Armor 2

Another powered armor platform, this one not designed by martian mechanic. This suit was designed specifically for military use as apposed to the martian mechanic suit, which was foremost made for elemental defense.

The entire model and all of its accessories have bones and can be posed.

A look at the full suit.

A look at the back.

This variant of the suit can be modified with a quad-jet jetpack for use in outer space.

The jetpack and its tubes can be posed (still amazed how well the tubes worked)

The back of the jetpack.

And now for some pictures of the comically large gun!

The massive belt fed gun shown above. I used the array modifier with a curve modifier to make the bullet chain easy to animate.

The weapon’s chain partially unrolled.

The weapon also has a foldable tripod for use as an emplacement weapon.