These are three fictional grenades I designed.

The first one is an “abstract” flashbang:

The holes are where the flash and the bang come from.

The grenade is armed with a button on the top.

The second grenade is a sort of incindeary:

This one has a big electromagnet that is activated a moment after the grenade is armed (but before it detonates) for use against armored targets. It does not explode, but burns furiously.

The third grenade is technically not an explosive of any kind, but instead an incredibly strong UV light:

This grenade is specifically designed for use against vampires, who are sensitive to UV light. Even to non-vampires the grenade can cause painful burns similar to a sunburn if in close proximity to the grenade.

The grenade while active produces so much heat that it ends up melting.

The texture was designed by me.