Spec Ops Cat Weapon

This is the weapon seen on the Spec ops cat (below)

The cat model had so much going on i decided to just make an entire post about this weapon (and its previous design).

The weapon (like the vast majority of things I make) has bones and can be posed.

The weapon’s (low capacity) magazine.

A look at the sights of the weapon. There is a rail above where the sights are to attach a different optic, and below the sights is an ammunition counter.

Another angle.

The weapon also has a partially unfinished particle effect of casings flying out of the weapon.

There was an entire other model that was going to be the weapon, but it was giant and silly (especially for an agile special operations agent)

The big gun.

This model does not have bones (because I wasn’t happy about how the model was turning out)

The weapon next to a person.