This is where i put my cool stuff

  • Roy


    One of the many (honestly over the top) characters I have made, Roy, is some kind of samurai cyborg dude. This is my third attempt at making a character with defined muscles, and by far is my best attempt at it. The over definition of the muscles is because he is actually wearing a suit…

  • Ein-Sten Laser Gun

    Ein-Sten Laser Gun

    This is my own very artistically interpreted version of the Ein-Sten, a weapon from an old mod for minecraft called Rival Rebels. The weapon has bones and can be posed, and certainly has a lot of moving parts to be posed. The weapon with the stock extended. The bipod extended. The weapon open to show…



    This is my attempt at modeling the MURASAMA sword from Metal Gear Rising: Revengance. I am incredibly pleased with how it turned out. The sword has bones and can be posed. Here’s a look at the sword next to its sheath. The weapon has a lot of poseability and detail as can be seen here.…

  • Ludwig Wolf Robes

    Ludwig Wolf Robes

    This is another iteration of Ludwig, this time he has a cool robe and a sword that totally has nothing to do with the moon. The entire model (like the vast majority of the ones I make) can be posed and thus has bones. A closer look at the sword (basically a shorter version of…

  • Ludwig Wolf

    Ludwig Wolf

    Another iteration of my dragonborn paladin Ludwig but as some kind of werewolf thing. This render uses a fog glow glare node and is the first time i tries using one. I am relatively pleased with the result. A look at the props i used for this render. This model has bones and can be…

  • .500 Power Fist remake

    .500 Power Fist remake

    I remade the old power fist gun to realistically make sense! Also fixed some stupidness with the model. The model has bones and can be posed. The model with the slide open. The model with the magazine out. The length of the magazine really expresses how large the weapon is. This iteration also has this…

  • Wisp .45

    Wisp .45

    Yet another fictional gun! This one is a glorified rectangle! The name (if I remember correctly) is some kind of acronym, but unfortunately I forgot what it stood for… The model has bones and can be posed. The big goofy rectangular barrel is supposed to be some kind of rectangular suppressor. Here can be seen…

  • Arvamond V2

    Arvamond V2

    A redesign of an older character I made. Many improvements were made. The model has bones and can be posed. The coat and cape also have bones so that they can be posed in in organic and interesting ways. A look at some of the textures can be seen below. All the textures used in…

  • Cybercat 2

    Cybercat 2

    I remade the model I made around July of last year. This model took lots of inspiration from the general shapes and body proportions of characters from lego’s bionicle line. The model has a full skeleton and is poseable. The pistons are also rigged to bend with the rest of the model. The model also…

  • Machine pistol of undecided name

    Machine pistol of undecided name

    A fictional boxy machine pistol. The model has bones and can be posed. Side view. The magazine detached from the gun.