This is where i put my cool stuff

  • Glock Pistol

    Glock Pistol

    This is my interpretation of the Glock pistol, one of the most iconic pistols. The model has bones and thus can be posed. The gun with the slide back and the magazine out.

  • AK-47


    I modeled the Avtomat Kalashnikov 47 assault rifle. The entire model has bones and can be posed (like the vast majority of my models) The dust cover can also be removed showing the spring and bolt. I am very pleased with the topology on this model specifically. A look at the magazine, complete with cruddy…

  • Shotgun pistol of undecided name

    Shotgun pistol of undecided name

    Another unrealistic weapon model to add to the pile, this one being a shotgun pistol. The model has bones and thus can be posed. The weapon would be able to fire in semi auto, as well as pump action. The pump is the folding handle thing that comes off the barrel. The selector for its…

  • Simon


    Another sword using humanoid cat. This one has cybernetics though. The model was made off my humanoid template and thus has a full skeleton with inverse kinematics. The helmet on the model can open to show Simon’s actual face. His face can also be posed. The camouflage texture is made by me, and is procedural.…

  • Dragon V2

    Dragon V2

    I decided to remake the old dragon I modeled, because I made the old one almost a year ago at this point and i wanted to see how much better I could make one. This one is a vast improvement in my opinion. This render of the model almost the exact same background and grass…

  • Frog Ronin

    Frog Ronin

    I made a wandering samurai frog. This model has lots of accessories. This model uses a modified version of my humanoid template, and thus has inverse kinematics. The swords, scarf, and back jar are also poseable. The front. The back. A look at the armor plates. A closer look at the chainmail, which uses a…

  • Sprite Dude

    Sprite Dude

    I made a little glowing dude. I haven’t came up with very many interesting lore details about him, but the model is complete. The model skeleton is a modified version of my humanoid template skeleton, and thus still has IKs. The character has a piercing with a bell attached on his tail which uses rigid…

  • AR-15


    I modeled the most generic gun in existence, the AR-15. This specific model took an incredibly long time and is very detailed. The model has bones and can be posed. A closer look at the main body of the gun. The sling on the gun has cloth physics, and will extend when the stock is…

  • G11


    This is a model of a real-life gun called the G11, which used many experimental features and was never used in combat due to many factors. The model has bones and can be posed. Instead of using many different materials (like I usually do) I used only a few textures for this model. A look…

  • Keisal V3

    Keisal V3

    Another iteration of Keisal, this time with many improvements. The hair modifier that was shown on the old version was removed because I felt like it didn’t turn out good. This model uses blender’s advanced rigify system instead of my own design for a skeleton. Many parts of the model have been fused together with…